Vehicle Diagnostics and Fault Repair

As cars have become more advanced, the number of dashboard warning lights have increased significantly. An illuminated warning light means your vehicles has detected a potential fault, and the vehicles computer will have logged one or more diagnostic codes relating to the problem and turned on the warning light to alert you.  

It's important for you to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or whether you can continue your journey and arrange an appointment with us to have the issue checked. If a warning light comes on or fails to go out after you have started the car you should stop as soon as possible in a safe place. Many warning lights are specific to the make and model of the car and the vehicles handbook can give you information on what you should do.

In order to establish the nature of the problem many warning lights will require connection of our diagnostics computer to the vehicle's diagnostic connector in order to read the fault code(s). Once this has been done, dependent on the fault code further diagnosis and testing may be required to isolate the fault so the correct action can be taken.

We charge £60.00 +VAT  to read a vehicles fault codes using the latest diagnostic equipment

After we’ve repaired the fault, we’ll give you advice on how to avoid it happening again. 



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